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ShadowSocksR VPN Services

Enhance Security

Strong encryption keeps your sensitive information from privy eyes and greatly enhances data security even on public WiFi.

Beat Censorship

Advanced obfuscation technology disguises your internet activity as ordinary traffic, punching through the toughest firewall.

Boost Speeds

Powerful nodes and optimized routes boost speeds and thus vastly improve your streaming and downloading experience.

Open Geo-Locks

Our servers in various locales unblock geo-restricted contents and streaming services and let you see anything from anywhere.

Stay Anonymous

To surf privately, incognito mode ain't enough. Our service hides your real IP and keeps zero-logs to cover your tracks.

Indulge in P2P

While many carriers and ISPs throttle P2P activities, we don't. So upload and download as much as you like, at lightning speeds.

Convenient & Consistent

Our Apps Beautifully Crafted

WhaleBlue has a team dedicated to client software integration. We design visually stunning and functionally convenient mobile apps and computer clients, while keeping the interfaces and user experience consistent across platforms.
  • Quick Settings
    Dummy-proof intuitive interface helps users set up the client software quickly and effortlessly.
  • Stunning Interface
    Our apps, hand crafted by visual artists, are functionally convenient and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Robust Connections
    Gone through careful optimization and thorough tests, our client-side apps boast superior stability.
  • Wide Compatibility
    Works with most devices running iOS or Android, and various connections, from Wi-Fi to 2G.

Why Should You Choose WhaleBlue?

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How does VPN work?

If you haven't heard about VPN or doesn't know the way it works, the video on the right will give you a crash course on its mechanisms and benefits. Just click on the PLAY button. Yet the best way to learn is to start using our services. Backed by our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, you risk nothing.

Beautiful Design and
Comfortable User Interface

No Monthly Quota Reset

Our Traffic Packages

Use all the traffic you have before it expires.
¼ Year 75G
  • 75GB premium traffic
  • Valid for 91 days
  • Unused expires at end
  • No monthly reset
  • Non-renewable
½ Year 150G
  • 150GB premium traffic
  • Valid for 182 days
  • Unused expires at end
  • No monthly reset
  • Non-renewable
1 Year 300G
  • 300GB premium traffic
  • Valid for 365 days
  • Unused expires at end
  • No monthly reset
  • Non-renewable

Monthly Plans for Flexibility
Annual Plans for 50% Discount


per Month
50G / Month
Less than $3 per month with annual subscription.

The right amount of data to get you started.

  • Unblocks YouTube, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, and others;
  • Unlimited number of devices and connections;
  • Unthrottled speed.
Best for light web browsing.
> Beginner plan


per Month
100G / Month
Less than $5 per month with annual subscription.

Enough data for the majority of users.

  • Unlocks Netflix, HBO, Hulu, BBC, TVB, LineTV, Spotify, and others;
  • Improves online gaming speeds and responsiveness;
  • 12/7 online support from human agents.
Best for work and light video streaming.
> Most popular plan


per Month
200G / Month
Around $7 per month with annual subscription.

For entertainment lovers and UHD fans.

  • Access to our fastest nodes;
  • Stealth protocol penetrates the most advanced firewall;
  • Upgrade anytime to higher plans.
Best for studios and small firms.
> Guru plan

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