Our Mission

WhaleBlue is dedicated to making your internet faster and more secure.

With a combined 30 years of experience in software development and network engineering, we, the WhaleBlue team, strive to help you protect your communication and online identity, circumvent harsh censorship, and unblock restricted contents.

Who We Are

A team of experienced, skilled and passionate system architects, UX/UI designers, software engineers, and network engineers dedicated to the improvement of your internet access.

What We Do

Develop VPN software and maintain a global network to afford our customers unimpeded, fast access to all contents and services of the free internet.

How We Do It?

By studying the latest developments in VPN and networking technologies, we formulate, test, and deploy new ways to make our service censorship resistant, fast, and resilient.

What Customers Say
about Our VPN Service

Meet Our Professional Team

With 30 years of combined professional experience in related fields, our team is well qualified to handle demanding issue in developing and maintaining WhaleBlue service.
Jayden Chan
Architect & Developer
Jayden Chan
Graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor's in CS. Worked as consultant for IBM, Amazon, and Oracle.
Wayne Chu
App Developer
Wayne Chu
Pursuing his Master's in EE at HKUST. Expert in both iOS and Android App development. Got his CCNP in 2016.
    Susan Nguyen
    UX / UI Designer
    Susan Nguyen
    Holds a graduate degree in Design from CUHK. 6 years of hands-on experience in UX UI design for websites and Apps.
      Kaisa Chow
      Support Lead
      Kaisa Chow
      8 years of working experience at Telecom support desks. Consistently ranked in 1% in customer satisfaction.
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